America is all about Diversity
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Egalitarian - the notion that all elements of a society contribute equally to its well being and should be embraced as the common family of humanity.

There are many ways to harness that diversity and drive economic and social advancement.

eDiversity Solutions at WPI America is the is in the problem solving business. We provide collaborative management expertise. We increase understanding of multi-cultural challenges. We implement effective communications plans. Our marketing campaigns are an integral component of your business plan and competitive strategy.

We invite you to connect with us. Grow your organization's diversity strengths.

Thomas L. Oliver
President & CEO

What we do:
  • Develop & execute public relations campaigns.
  • Craft & market educational outreach programs
  • Publish & circulate information in newspapers, magazines, on the air, in cable and on line with measureable response mechanisms.
  • Plan & deliver special events.
  • Craft & manage development campaigns.
  • Launch & advise in non-profit development and management.
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